Getting ready to audition? Practice makes perfect, but here are a few more things to consider:

You can perform original or cover songs, but your audition must include a medley of at least three songs. All auditions must be uploaded publicly (unlisted is fine!) to YouTube and submitted here between April 9th and May 6th. Don’t have access to a camera, or are otherwise unable to upload your song online? That’s fine! We’re also hosting two days of live auditions on April 18th and 19th. Contest representatives will be on site to film your performance and help set up your account.



After auditions close, the voting begins! Starting May 7th, we're calling on all of Toronto to help pick their new subway musicians. We’re even sweetening the pot and have a few limited edition TTC Prize Packs to give away, and the only way to win is to vote. Your votes will be tallied alongside scores from Universal Music Canada judges and the TTC. Artists can vote for themselves, and everyone gets one vote per day.

Voting is open until June 3rd — then the competition really heats up.



In September, ten musicians with the highest scoring auditions will perform live, where they will be judged by a panel of music industry experts on everything from their musical talent to their entertainment value and stage presence.



One lucky Grand Prize winner will not only walk away with a steady gig as a Subway Musician, but also a one-song recording contract with Universal Music Canada and a spot on Apple Music's Tracks on Tracks playlists.

That doesn't mean everybody else will leave empty handed.

Underground Sounds is looking for the best talent Toronto has to offer, and while only on artist can win the Grand Prize, the TTC has 89 Subway Musicians licenses to give away - and auditioning is your only way in.

About Us

About us

The TTC is taking its Subway Musician auditions online and handing out artists gigs at subway stations across the city. Only one lucky winner will walk away with a Universal Music Canada contract in hand. And to make sure we get it right, we’ll need your help. In the coming weeks we’ll be taking artist submissions from across the city, and it’s up to you to vote for your favourite.

If Underground Sounds is the reason to take your headphones out, then Tracks on Tracks is why you were wearing them in the first place. Curated by music industry insiders and updated every friday, its two playlists — Rush Hour and Hush Hour — are carefully crafted to carry you through your commute. Whether you’re listening for an early morning boost or trying to relax after a rough day, these Apple exclusive playlists feature more than 2 hours of songs carefully attuned to Toronto’s pulse. They’re so good, you’ll almost wish your commute lasted longer. Almost.

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